A great social care service can be extremely important to care users. Ageing can take a significant toll on our social lives. Moreover, as we get older, lose confidence and retreat from social activities we become more and more isolated.

Bluebell Care at Home provides social services to bring joy back into your life!

Social Care inset

At Bluebell Care at Home we know that our service users can feel isolated and lonely at times due to limited social interaction. Firstly, the small things can make a big difference, stimulating the mind with social interaction can have great positive effects on the body. Secondly, there are many other reasons to remain socially engaged. Above all, it helps to keep you healthy.

Our social care services will bring back the joy and happiness of social interaction.

We prioritise the employment of attentive, engaging and caring people. This ethos is the core of our success, careful and responsible recruitment supported by extensive training, most importantly, this is how Bluebell Care at Home delivers the best social experience for our service users.

In conclusion, our core focus is your well being.

Call us now to discuss your social care needs and how we can support you!

Costs and Funding Support

Don’t be discouraged by the expected costs of care, there are many support mechanisms in place. Vital care is often cheaper than you might expect and will make a significant difference to the quality of life of your loved ones. Call us today and we’d be happy to talk you through the many options available and how we can help.

We ensure that your PSYCHOLOGICAL and spiritual needs are met and that you are supported to remain socially engaged
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